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Open beta, charts and interactive question support

Downrunner is moving beyond a platform for the support of code documentation. It is becoming a platform for the creation of general dynamic documents based on Markdown.

Open Beta

Downrunner has made its beta program open to all GitHub users without requiring registration. You may well ask how can we know who is in the beta? Well, you are a GitHub user and the repository in which you use Downrunner will show-up as a referrer in our logs. We are telling you Downrunner is a beta so you know there is work to be done. We do not see any reason at this point to limit access to most of our features. If you need help you can post questions to Downrunner Support. We do have a private beta that provides early access to some additional features.

Please see our home page for more details on the beta.


Basic charts like pie, bar, column, and line plus tables are now in beta. These are based on Goolge Charts. but provide for simpler creation.

A small demo of basic charts is available. More advanced charts like organization trees and Gannts are planned. These will be separate modules so that we can provide as simple an interface to use as possible.


Questions, in beta, provide a means to implement ungraded quizes for reader self assessment.

A small demo is available. We plan to provide support for questionnaires and survey result reporting in the future.